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The 10 Most Common PMS Symptoms

      When I first met Sam, she listed on her intake form (in big bold letters might I add) PERIOD PROBLEMS. Ever since she could remember her periods would be heavy, crampy, achey and headachey; but she would experience PMS symptoms for up to 2 weeks...

Is Spotting Before Your Period Normal?

The age old question we ask ourselves.... "is this normal?" And spotting before your period sometimes is, but not always. Here's how I help my patients understand whats going on hormonally in those days leading up to your period.Your period is complicated, sort of,...

The 4 Best Teas To Ease Period Bloating

        Tea for two might be the saying, but if you suffer like you wouldn’t believe when your period is due then a cup of tea might just be right for you. I get it - period pain, period bloating and cramping is the worst, but these four teas might...

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I’m all about living pain-free. Aches and pain slow us down and make us feel like crap, and I’m not a fan of that kind of life. So I designed a pain-free grocery guide for every shopping trip to the store – just for you! Want in? Sign up and this handy list will be in your inbox faster than you can say ‘yes please’!


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