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Why Women Are Superheroes

Hi there Superwoman - I'm excited you're here and welcome to The Superwoman Code - The Podcast!    And ... to be honest, I'm also a little bit scared.    Why?   Because the Superwoman Podcast was born of a need to finally take what I've been working on with so many of...

Why Do I Get A Mid-Afternoon Crash?

You know that feeling when you’re sitting at your desk, cranking away all of your work, assignments or emails and suddenly a wave of fatigue washes over you like a tidal wave right out of Moana? That mid afternoon crash can stop you in your tracks faster than you...

What does the colour of my period blood mean?

Let’s get real around here gals. Periods are a normal event for 50% of the worlds population, and they can tell us a LOT about how healthy we are. If you’re like the majority of women who come into my office though, you probably didn’t realize just how many things can...

The 10 Most Common PMS Symptoms

      When I first met Sam, she listed on her intake form (in big bold letters might I add) PERIOD PROBLEMS. Ever since she could remember her periods would be heavy, crampy, achey and headachey; but she would experience PMS symptoms for up to 2 weeks...

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I’m all about living pain-free. Aches and pain slow us down and make us feel like crap, and I’m not a fan of that kind of life. So I designed a pain-free grocery guide for every shopping trip to the store – just for you! Want in? Sign up and this handy list will be in your inbox faster than you can say ‘yes please’!


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