Specializing in performance optimization, Dr. Ashley hosts wellness coaching experiences for organizations, companies and executives. Her innovative approach focuses on optimizing energy, performance and productivity both within and outside the office. She draws on her background in health policy development and nutrition to sprinkle her workshops with interactive and innovative tips & tricks with long lasting benefits.


corporate programming

Consulting Services

Dr. Ashley provides expert advice on key wellness initiatives that affect your business. She works directly with your executive team to ensure that their health needs are met, and offers a data-driven approach to understanding your employees unique needs. We use our own HIPPA compliant data software to facilitate this collection. This can be facilitated through individual departments or the organization as a whole.

Health Promotion Programming

Dr. Ashley will work hand in hand with your key stakeholders to create wellness initiatives to best support your business and employees.  We use a data-based model to fulfil needs assessments and program designs that are based on the unique and individual needs of your organization. From that data we help you craft wellness programs suited to your workforce and budget. Our goal is to foster a health environment and advance the health and well being of your employees to ultimately increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Meet Jarvis

Jarvis is our HIPPA compliant data-collection software that helps us understand the unique health needs of your employees, to create wellness programming that actually meets the needs of YOUR organization. Each individual employee receives a breakdown of their health outcomes, areas to spend more time and usable tips to facilitate those changes. As an organization, we have an overview perspective that enables us to target programming and health initiatives for the outcomes you desire, and to track those initiatives. Our corporate wellness work is unlike any other organization in the world, and we get results.

what others are saying

We recently had the immense pleasure of having Dr. Ashley visit our organization to discuss the importance of fueling your mind with a healthy breakfast to help you to be more productive at work.  Dr. Ashley was relaxed, knowledgeable and extremely engaging.  We host monthly lunch and learns here at our company and everyone was saying afterwards that this one was the best so far.   Truly a captivating speaker and one we could have listened to for longer.  We will definitely have her back for a follow up session before the end of the year!

Jody Sampson

Director, Customer Experience, Southwest Properties


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