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Do you sometimes feel like you’re not in control of the things going on around you – your health, your family life and your career? You have everything you need to walk away from this feeling forever. It might take some time and a bit of practice (like mastering that headstand in yoga) to discover that you already have everything you need to get back on track. 

Now, let’s get you there. 

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Here’s the thing: your health should work for you. Not against you.

It’s never too late to change your future by taking control of your health. 

what people are saying…

Dr. Ashley and the team at Cornerstone Naturopathic have played an integral part in my prenatal and postpartum wellbeing. She helped me navigate everything from postpartum depression to newborn health. She excels at working in tandem with other health professionals, which is a testament to her holistic approach to health. Becoming a part of the Cornerstone family was the best decision I could have made for myself and my daughter!

Martine Robar


Dr. Ashley has totally changed my life.

I lost over twenty pounds, sleep through the night, have much less stress, and have learned so much about nutrition, hormones, fatigue, burnout and overall wellness.

So grateful that you came into my life! Stefanie MacDonald

CEO & Owner, Halifax Paper Hearts

We had the immense pleasure of having Dr. Ashley visit our organization to discuss the importance of fueling your mind with a healthy breakfast to help you to be more productive at work.  She was relaxed, knowledgeable and extremely engaging.  We host monthly lunch and learns here at our company and everyone was saying afterwards that this one was the best so far.  A captivating speaker and one we could have listened to for longer.  

Jody Sampson

Director, Customer Experience, Southwest Properties Ltd

No Fad Diets, No Magic Teas.

If you’ve come here searching for a quick fix, you’re in the wrong spot.

I work with women, entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches and creatives who are driven and devoted to sparking joy in this world. I thrive on working with individuals who put passion and purpose first, and who know there’s more to life than just “getting through”. That’s not to say it’s easy (we know that), but when your health is working for you, you’re able to create your own vision of a life and business you thrive in.

I use a combination of evidence-first natural medicine, genetics and biochemistry to support women in getting their health to where they know it can be; increasing clarity, easing brain fog, balancing hormones, making babies and improving energy so you can finally create a thriving life and business full content.

If you’re ready to brush off the part, say goodbye to routines that are holding you back and finally live a purpose-filled life; my work is for you. 



Are you turning into another person every month?
Are you feeling bloated, tired, moody or unmotivated?
Are you ready to stop settling for less than what you deserve?

It’s time to change the game.



On the East Coast of Canada, kitchens are the hub of the home. In fact, the banged up kitchen table with the pot of tea on the stove is the home of ceilidh, a gaelic term meaning “kitchen party”. 

No matter how busy you are, good food feeds the soul. You don’t have to compromise flavour and nutrition for speed.

Welcome to my East Coast Kitchen


For professional women the current world isn’t about trying to do it all by yourself or live up to external expectations. This is about defining our own destinies, controlling what we do with our bodies, and hustling smarter by constantly chasing optimization. 


Is Spotting Before Your Period Normal?

Is Spotting Before Your Period Normal?

The age old question we ask ourselves.... "is this normal?" And spotting before your period sometimes is, but not always. Here's how I help my patients understand whats going on hormonally in those days leading up to your period.Your period is complicated, sort of,...

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5 Quick Tips For Balancing Your Hormones

Balancing your hormones naturally is something I work with almost every one of my patients on. It’s also something we don’t necessarily talk about enough. The symptoms of hormone imbalances do become more prevalent as we age, and particularly after pregnancy and...

Self Care Sunday: Take a 20 Minute Breather

This week, I got a little help from my friends at Garnier Canada to engage in a little self care that went above and beyond my usual self care routine. And I can’t wait to tell you about it! On edition three of Self Care Sundays; I’m realizing how many of you are...

Selfcare Sunday: Eating Healthy On A Budget

On this Selfcare Sunday I really wanted to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart… eating healthy on a budget AND... food!  Yes. Food.  When I posted on Instagram a few weeks ago now, I got a number of questions about eating healthy on a budget -...

These are some of my most talked about programs & guides


We all know that when you place your health at the forefront, everything else falls into place. With that in mind, I’ve designed these programs for women at any stage of life. Whether you’re a busy professional or a mama raising young kids, or you’re trying ever so hard to start that family, I’ve pooled years of medical expertise to back you up. 



The Every Girl’s Guide to Balancing Your Hormones; the Right Way.



Every Woman’s Very Own Meal Planning Service: The Membership


The 21 Day Teatox

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