Meet Ashley

Naturopathic Doctor


I believe that good health is the cornerstone to every community, business, family and person. We feel happier when we’re healthy, because our every decision isn’t dependent on how exhausted we are, or how much pain we’re in. We live in a world where we’re all trying to discover what our purpose is. You know, that thing that drives us, that thing we’re passionate about, that certain je ne sais pas quality that we admire in everyone we surround ourselves with.

There’s a lot that can hold us back from achieving our purpose, and our health is one of the biggest obstacles many of us face. I get it, we all have commitments – to our careers, our children, our partners and to making our mark in this world we live in. I believe in mitigating the obstacles to good health and to helping you live your purpose-filled life.

I believe in the power of social change, and of building strong communities. I believe we need more safe places to answer tough questions and that good food is imperative to our needs, but can sometimes be hard to come by. I believe that living a purpose-filled life is more than taking the right supplements, exercising or eating the right foods. It’s a way of being, not just living. I hope you join me in discovering how your health can be the stepping stone to living your best life.

Things I Love

My support system and my rocks, the people who believe humor is a necessity, lemonade, chicken soup, piano keys, camera clicks, entrepreneurs, boundary-breakers, cobblestones, fresh garden peas, and waking up to a foggy morning with the crisp smell of salty sea air.

The Nitty Gritty

Ashley Margeson is a highly motivated Naturopathic Doctor who is best described as a “health advocate” and “community builder”. She believes that good health is the cornerstone to every community, business, family and person.

Ashley has an extensive research-backed approach to health and healing. She uses current methodology in combination with traditional practices to formulate individually-tailored treatment plans for each of her patients. With her passion rooted in the nervous system, Ashley has a special interest in treating mental and brain health, digestive disorders, chronic disease and in pain management. Ashley uses a functional medicine approach to treating injuries, using biomechanical assessments, functional testing and focused intakes to better understand her patients’ needs. Based on those assessments, a combination of injection therapies (prolotherapy, neuroprolo and platelet-rich plasma), acupuncture, active release, manipulations, nutrition and/or intravenous therapy are used to treat both athletic and non-athletic injuries. This whole-body approach helps ensure that her patients maintain great health long after treatment. Completing part of her clinical internship year on the highly competitive Adjunctive Cancer Care shift at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic in Toronto, ON Ashley also has a unique background in treating cancer in combination with conventional care. Known as someone who “doesn’t give up” Ashley was named one of Acadia University’s most Notable Alumni at the age of 24, one of Atlantic Canada’s Top 50, Under 40 Leaders at the age of 25 and received the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine’s Humanitarian Award upon her graduation.

Graduating from Acadia University with her Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition, Ashley has the foundations of good nutrition rooted in everything she does. She completed her research in the area of food policy, specifically in food insecurity and presented her findings at Mt Allison University’s ATLAS conference in 2012. As a result of this work, she is very passionate about local agriculture and is active in promoting the work of Nova Scotia’s Community Health Centres and local farmers through her work as a Naturopathic Doctor. Outside of her clinical passions, Ashley has a passion for looking at the world through her camera lens, travelling to different countries and hiking in the Nova Scotia wilderness. You might even find her taking in, or volunteering in the pit bands, of some of Halifax’s community theatre productions.


I’m all about living pain-free. Aches and pain slow us down and make us feel like crap, and I’m not a fan of that kind of life. So I designed a pain-free grocery guide for every shopping trip to the store – just for you!


Continuing Education

Beginner Prolozone and Advanced Prolozone by Dr. Frank Shallenberger
2016, Reno, NV

Neural Prolotherapy by Dr. Jeff Lyftogt
2016, Seattle, WA

Clinical Applications and Advanced Topics of IV Nutrient Therapy by Dr. Virgina Osborne ND & Dr. Paul Anderson ND
2016, San Diego, CA

Integrative Oncology, Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic
2015-2016, Toronto, ON


Advanced Sports Nutrition, Evidence Based Nutrition
2016, Toronto, ON

NFH Women’s Health Symposium
2015, Toronto, ON

Pascoe Mental Health Symposium
2015, Toronto, ON


Humanitarian Award
2016, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

Top 50, Under 40 Atlantic Canadian Leaders
2015, 21 Inc

175th Anniversary (one of) Most Notable Alumni
2014, Acadia University 

Dedication of Service, Board of Governors
2010-2012, Acadia University