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Feeling Burned Out? Here’s How to Recover - Shondaland

In case you didn’t know it — or haven’t felt it yourself — burnout is on the rise. One report from May 2021 found that 52 percent of surveyed employees experienced it in the last year — up 9 percent from pre-pandemic times. And this is something that Dr. Ashley Margeson ND, the host of The Superwoman Code podcast and co-founder of Burnout Blueprint, an online course that helps people recover from and prevent burnout, is finding present in her clients.

The truth about women and burnout: Self-care is a crock - Globe & Mail

While burnout is a systemic issue, there are things that women battling stress can do in the moment, to alleviate the physical burden and perhaps prevent full burnout. It has nothing to do with scented candles and yoga, explains Ashley Margeson, a naturopath in Halifax who specializes in burnout prevention and support.

‘It takes a toll on us:’ Getting a PCOS diagnosis, not to mention living with it daily, challenges these Atlantic Canadian women

If you want to get Dr. Ashley Margeson ND all worked up, tell her that polycystic ovary syndrome is just about a woman’s ability to have children.

When asked to describe Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS for short, in simple terms, Margeson, said it’s a syndrome that affects someone’s ability to ovulate.

What if moms decided to Quiet Quit?

“Maybe [quiet quitting] is exactly the revolution mothers need,” says Ashley Margeson, a naturopath in Halifax who specializes in burnout prevention and support, particularly in women.

Ashley Margeson points out that the act of quiet quitting itself would be the responsibility of moms. “[It’s] still going to land on the shoulders of the person who is already shouldering that burden,” she says. “There is no one right answer to this issue. It’s multifaceted. It’s a conversation that’s ever-evolving.”

How To Talk To Your Boss About Work-Life Balance - Business Insider

“Look for the middle ground”, says Ashley Margeson, who specializes in helping people cope with burnout. Arrive with two or three options, and pitch it as an experiment. 

Some Of Us Look Different When We Are Menstruating - Scary Mommy

Scary Mommy talked with Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND Founder of The Superwoman Code, via email and we got into the whys of how this happens, as well as how we can help prevent the morphing that takes place during this special time when we feel like we want to hurt people. 

9 Period Tracking Apps That’ll Never Make You Wonder If Your Period’s Starting or If It’s Just Discharge - Cosmopolitan Magazine

Your basic period tracker app just has to track menstrual flow and ovulation, but if you want a better look at possible hormonal related mental health changes, Dr. Ashley Margeson, a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in women’s health, recommends Me V PMDD. The app uses a scale system to track data behind moods, emotions, feelings (panic attacks, trouble focusing) and physical effects like nausea, low energy, acne, and packages it so you can see any potential hormonal changes way easier.

What to Expect With Postpartum Hormone Changes - Parents

As quickly as your hormones changed after that positive pregnancy test, they begin to change again as soon as your baby’s born. From a few hours postpartum to a few months, here’s what happens to your hormones after giving birth.

7 Nutrients You Need More Of When You’re Pregnant - Vitamin Shoppe

If there’s one time in your life when you want to be as healthy as you possibly can in every way—physically, mentally, and emotionally—it’s definitely when you’re pregnant or trying to conceive. Growing a baby (not to mention delivering and caring for one!) requires a ton of extra energy, plus high amounts of certain nutrients that are essential for both Mother and Baby’s health.

8 Healthy Foods That Help With Ovulation - The Greenest

We all know nutrition is an incredibly important piece to the puzzle when it comes to your overall health. But it’s also integral if you’re in the process of trying to conceive or just looking to optimize your fertility.

Which vitamins to take during pregnancy? 25 Doctors Share their Recommendations for Pregnancy Supplements - Feel

When you are pregnant you want to ensure the best nutrition for you and your baby. Even if you are eating for two, the nutrients that you are taking from regular food may not be enough.

So in that case, it’s best to supplement and take vitamins and minerals specially conceived for pregnant women.

Can You Take All Your Supplements at One Time? - Oxygen Magazine

Supplements can come in handy for filling in nutritional gaps in your diet, but experts warn that there are a few tricks to taking them correctly — and timing has a lot to do with it.

Beat back-to-work burnout when work-from-home ends - Inspire Me Magazine

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good adrenaline rush just as much as the next girl, but running on adrenaline (aka our fight or flight response) for a long period of time is a recipe for burnout. This is why you need to prepare. 

6 Herbs You Haven’t Heard Of But Should Definitely Try - Vitamin Shoppe

Herbs have been around (and used by humans for myriad purposes) since pretty much the dawn of time—but despite the vast variety of helpful plants out there, only a few at a time seem to gain enough traction to go mainstream. And while the herbs of the moment truly are great (no shade for ashwagandha here!), there are so many herbs you haven’t heard of that can support your health and well-being just waiting for some much-deserved attention.

7 Natural Ways To Make Your Hair Stronger - Vitamin Shoppe

Of course, one of the most important factors in making your hair stronger is your diet. “Beets, dark leafy greens like spinach and kale, sweet potatoes, and berries are all filled with trace minerals that play a role in cellular turnover,” says naturopath Ashley Margeson, N.D. “If there are not enough trace minerals, the follicle cells don’t divide properly, which means the hair falls out faster.” 


“11 Natural Remedies To Reduce Period Bloating”

Baby Gaga

“Which Foods are Unsafe During Pregnancy”

Supporting Your Four Cornerstones Of Wellness - Thrive Global

“If you want to achieve better wellbeing successfully, it begins with your four cornerstones” with Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND.

Women In Wellness - Authority Magazine

…When people are healthy, they can change the world. My job in this isn’t to just get one person healthy. My job is to make sure one person can feel in control of their health to help other people feel in control of their health. They can then influence the health of their communities and businesses. 

The Best Multivitamins, According to Doctors, Dietitians, and Nutritionists - NY Mag

Still, before you start buying up a supply of supplements, naturopath Ashley Margeson puts it best: “multivitamins should always be approached as an addition to your regular nutrition, not the whole thing.”

Elite Daily

“Two L(i)ps Blackout Sheet Mask Is For Your Vulva & Here’s What An Expert Has To Say About It”


“7 Things No One Ever Taught You About Using Tampons”

O. School

“Does Having Sex On Your Period Make It End Faster?”

Emerson Ecologics

“How To Combat HPA Axis Dysfunction”

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