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Life Lessons For A New Decade

On today’s episode, I lay out my 8 life lessons that I’ve learnt over the past decade, why being alone is critical for health, why you don’t have to do it all right away, why I’m awful at emails (goals to improve here!) and why your mother’s experience doesn’t have to be your experience. 

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The Only Diet Advice You’ll Ever Need

Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be really simple. 

In this episode I tell you the science behind some of those so called “diets”, why you should be eating based off the research and not what some instagram post tells you to eat and why the best diet has a little bit of everything and not too much of any one thing. 

To top it off… I have 4 Rules To Follow when it comes to eating. They’re easy, they’re simple and they’re laid out in this podcast. 

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Why Sleep Is Your Most Important Superpower

subscribe and download on: spotify, apple podcasts, google podcasts Ever hear the saying “work hard, play hard”? How about the saying “work hard, sleep hard”. That one might be a better choice.  When it comes to optimizing your health, there is nothing more important...

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How Chronic Inflammation Affects Your Periods

subscribe and download on: spotify, apple podcasts, google podcasts Do you swell before your period? Rings fit differently, you get bloated and have to find those leggings reserved only for that time of the month?  What about literally experiencing aches and pains,...

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How To Talk To Your Doctor About Your Period

subscribe and download on: spotify, apple podcasts, google podcasts “I’ve never been asked any of these questions”. I’ve heard this sentence so many times in my practice I’ve almost come to expect it. But when it comes to our periods being a defining contributor for...

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How Your Hormones Impact Your Mood

subscribe and download on: spotify, apple podcasts, google podcasts For us women, our moods can shift depending on our work load, our stressors, our relationships, what podcast we last listened to (hey now! hey now!) and yes - our hormones. Turns out, our hormones...

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Why Estrogen Is Your Creative Superpower

Estrogen can get a bad rap in the medical world. Short of being one of the critical hormones for our female bodies, estrogen can be blamed for everything from heavy periods, migraines and PMS to hot flashes and memory laps with menopause. But estrogen is a critically...

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How To Recognize Burnout Before You Burn Out

Burnout.The word that every busy entrepreneur, young professional, mom and side-hustler uses to describe how they’re feeling... or uses as an excuse for why they're so tired alllllllll the time. Sound familiar?In this episode of The Superwoman Code we discuss what the...

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How to Optimize Your Brain to Multitask (Kind Of…)

Public opinion persists that women have a biological edge as super-efficient multitaskers... but is this ideal actually supported by evidence? On episode 4 of The Superwoman Code we dive into the myth of multi-tasking and the female brain. Is the female brain wired to...

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How to Optimize Your Cycle on a Contraceptive Device

Did you know that you can optimize your hormonal cycle for better memory, focus and productivity EVEN WHEN you're using a contraceptive device like the IUD, the Birth Control Pill or the Depo-Provera Shot? You definitely, 100% can.  This episode we deep dive into "how...

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