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Halifax-based Speaker, Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND

Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND is an award winning, high-energy speaker and performance optimizer of companies, teams and entrepreneurs. 


She is known for her ability to capture an audience, create a session that is highly informative, and her approachable and no bullsh*t approach to life. She focuses on take-home messages that leave those listening able to implement her research-backed brain hacks easily. 


As a Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Ashley plays the long game. She’s not about quick-fixes, the latest fad or snap decisions. Rather, she is focused on habit building techniques that change people, and companies, from the inside out by establishing healthy cultures and purpose. She draws on her background in health policy development and nutrition to sprinkle her workshops with interactive and innovative tips & tricks with long lasting benefits.


Dr. Ashley combines real-world experience with frontier research to deliver impactful programming that will be sure to please your audiences and elevate their daily business.

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The Superwoman Code

There’s an old saying; “can you have it all?” For Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND, that’s a question she asks, and challenges, daily.

Attendees will learn how to optimize their health and bio-hack their way to success, by leveraging hormones, cortisol, stress and brain capacity with a pragmatic and approachable presentation.

Blending the latest science of neuropsychology and endocrinology with real-world applications, attendees will leave this workshop understanding the four cornerstones of health that are integral for performance optimization.

You will be able to hijack your routines for optimization, be able to balance and integrate your personal and work lives, and understand how small (and very implementable) changes can set you up for major success.

A Coffee Break for The Busy and Overwhelmed

The science supporting mindfulness and meditation is overwhelmingly contributing to both performance and health benefits. The practice is linked to everything from decreased blood pressure and better sleep, to increased focus, and productivity. This talk examines how mindfulness changes the brain, behaviour and why practicing it can provide a competitive advantage.

The struggle: how to fit into an already busy day. Dr. Ashley discusses what you can do during your coffee break — and other short practices — that can increase your mental health, help you to effectively deal with challenging people, and to create the optimal cognitive situation for you to make tough decisions. Don’t worry, there will always be coffee.

In this interactive keynote, Dr. Ashley also explains the psychology and neuroscience research behind how to incorporate small mindfulness and brain training practices during your day. These techniques can work for everyone, the skeptic, the busy and the restless.

Bringing Your Work To Life

Why does it seem harder than ever to craft a job that is truly fulfilling? With shifting labor practices, constant stress, and more choices than ever, finding a job that’s satisfactory is hard enough—and finding one that’s fulfilling can seem near impossible.

In this fun, engaging talk, Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND presents a complex journey in simple, tangible, and enjoyable terms. Integrating the psychologies of happiness and performance to weave together science and stories drawn from her patients—corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and busy women —to people who have already realized everyday excellence, Dr. Ashley gives audiences the tools required to define success, create a strategy towards meaningful work, and make the most of the opportunities to be our very best (and most fulfilled) in the workplace and beyond.

Wired for Connection

We spend so many of our waking hours at work. So why not make it the best place it can be—an arena of meaningful relationships, real collaboration, and lasting rewards?  

As leaders, it’s our duty to create cultures of connection wherever we work. In this talk, Dr. Ashley inspires us to think differently about how we interact in our work lives, offering experience-based strategies for breaking down barriers, feeling inspired, and assuming responsibility for improving our relationships with colleagues.

Drawing on her background in natural medicine, psychology and her own patient stories—she shows audiences how to manage feelings of defensiveness, seek a diversity of opinion, and cultivate a circle of self-responsibility, all while maximizing the effects our hormones and neurotransmitters have on our brains to stay competitive, and happy, in today’s complex world. 

The Aging Brain

Our brains naturally and normally change with age more than we think—‘like a fine wine’ some things get better with age, while other abilities decline.

Either way, knowing the difference is key: as example, research shows that our decision-making errors increase with age, while our confidence in our correctness also increases – we are making more errors, we are just surer we aren’t! Other abilities and processing meanwhile gets more acute, skills get honed, and we get better at all kinds of role functions and tasks. Knowing what these are is key to maintaining accuracy, productivity and relevance in the workforce throughout our careers, especially when it comes to interacting with and training next-gen workers, as well as through the succession planning process.

The Hormonal Advantage

Women are entering, and staying, in the workplace at a rate never before seen, but common workplace practices are lagging behind when it comes to productivity.

Dr. Ashley asks the question, “could your worker’s physiology actually increase your company’s profits and productivity” in this ground-breaking keynote focused on breaking down barriers. 

Dr. Ashley shows leaders and teams how insights from behavioural science research can be applied in the workplace to optimize the performance, productivity, and innovation of leaders and teams. She helps close the gap between intention and action resulting in long-term change and a competitive advantage.

This keynote will leave you understanding how 5 simple shifts can empower your employees to challenge the norms by touching on the latest neuroscience, leadership, mindfulness, and self-empowerment research.

what others are saying

We recently had the immense pleasure of having Dr. Ashley visit our organization to discuss the importance of fueling your mind with a healthy breakfast to help you to be more productive at work.  Dr. Ashley was relaxed, knowledgeable and extremely engaging.  We host monthly lunch and learns here at our company and everyone was saying afterwards that this one was the best so far.   Truly a captivating speaker and one we could have listened to for longer.  We will definitely have her back for a follow up session before the end of the year!

Jody Sampson

Director, Customer Experience, Southwest Properties


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