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When you hire me to spend time with your people you get someone who has made it her mission to make our health work for us, not against us.

Whether you’re trying to support your team in managing their Burnout Bank Account, inspiring Teachers to show up for their students by showing up for their own health, or helping Managers and Executives develop Burnout Prevention Strategies for their workplaces, I will inspire and educate your audience, and leave them feeling seen, heard and validated.

If you’re interested in learning more, I would love to hear from you.

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 Understanding Your Burnout Bank Account

  • We are all human beings. We have good days and not-so-great days. But we’re not batteries where if you just “turn us off” and “plug us in” we’ll get back to 100% charge. No, our capacity to handle stress and adapt to our lives is more like a bank account. We call it your Burnout Bank Account, and in this session Dr. Ashley will walk you through defining your withdraws and your deposits, while tapping into the key accelerators of burnout, as well as the reducers of burnout to help you compound your energy and spark joy in your life. Dr. Ashley is one of North America’s leading experts in burnout prevention and recovery, bringing a unique and compassionate focus on what it means to master the art of managing your Burnout Bank Account. 

Reimagining Well-Being For A Sustainable Future 

  • As an entrepreneur, COO, and Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Ashley knows that when we feel well, we do well. Dr. Ashley combines research and experience to highlight the important of understanding how your environment, your body’s physiology and the people you surround yourself with can help you be happier at work (and at home) by creating sustainable well-being supports and strategies. The world today is brimming with overwhelm, but there is an opportunity for growth.  In this session, Dr. Ashley will share important strategies towards building a happier, healthier and higher-performing professional and personal lives.

Breaking The Burnout Cycle & Building Resilience

  • Built for those in the Helping Professions – Dr. Ashley reminds us how to care for ourselves while caring for others. Dr. Ashley combines research and experience  to make the data come to life in a way that supports both the systems, and the individuals who work within them to reduce burnout possibility and increase capacity. She has created specific strategies to shift culture and build capacity, bringing validation and breathing space to a conversation that can seem so overwhelming.  

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Business Consulting

Dr. Ashley will work hand in hand with your key stakeholders to create wellness initiatives to best support your business and employees.  As one of North America’s leading experts in Burnout Prevention & Recovery, Dr. Ashley combines her clinical experience with data-driven resources to help you design policies, procedures, and initiatives that truly help to support your team without stressing them out. 

Our goal is to foster a healthy environment and advance the health and well-being of your employees to ultimately increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

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“Dr. Ashley was relaxed, knowledgeable and extremely engaging."

We recently had the immense pleasure of having Dr. Ashley visit our organization to discuss the importance of fueling your body to support your energy.  We host monthly lunch and learns here at our company and everyone was saying afterwards that this one was the best so far.   Truly a captivating speaker and one we could have listened to for longer.  

Jody Sampson
Director, Customer Experience, Southwest Properties

"Dr. Ashley is an incredible speaker!"

She is thoughtful, articulate, funny and has helped to empower us when it comes to our overall wellness. The value she brings to the complex lives of women is so powerful.

You will be forever changed by her and her work.


Amanda Devison

President, Business & Professional Women of Greater Moncton and Co-Chair, Atlantic Women Employee Resource Group, RBC Royal Bank


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