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a 100% natural tea designed to optimize your health, today and tomorrow

The 21day Teatox

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To get your body back up and running so that you can spend your time focusing on you, not worrying about your health.


Specifically chosen organic herbs from a local company in Ontario, Canada, formulated for taste and quality.


When you’re running a million miles a minute your digestive system has a hard time keeping up; a cup of tea is exactly what our overworked brains and digestive systems need.

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Check us out below talking to Global News Halifax about the 21Day Teatox

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Formulated for taste and quality


Mentha x piperita
Matricaria recutita
Taraxacum off
Melissa off
Filipendula ulmaria
Urtica diocia


You’ve probably seen this word thrown around by any multitude of people talking about juice fasts, cleanses and quick weight loss fads. The modern day detox is a bit of a  misguided fad, but I’m here to help set you straight.

Check out [this post] for some more in-depth information, but in essence, your body is already doing most of the work for you to stay in homeostasis (a fancy medical word for balance). Sometimes, though, our body needs a little extra help to restore the balance it seeks. When your body starts to have too much build up the scales get tipped. And that’s when you start to see signs like breakouts, brain fog, bloating, gas, cravings, indigestion, headaches… I’m guessing that at some point you’ve experienced one (or more) of these symptoms. Given our busy lives and increasingly urban living most people are experiencing the symptoms of accumulated stress and toxin buildup.

But just because lots of people experience it doesn’t mean it’s normal. These symptoms don’t make you sick, but they sure as well don’t make you feel like you’re living at your optimal.

Why Us?

I’m a Naturopathic Doctor by trade, and completed my undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics. When it comes to the body I work on more than just symptomatic relief.  In fact, I work on understanding the biochemical and physiological needs of every system of your body, and how they then interact with each other.

The herbs used in this tea mean no running to the toilet multiple times a day (like some detox products I’ve seen on the market – ugh), trust me, one to two bowel movements a day is important, but super frequent bowel movements definitely isn’t going to be good for your system.

The other benefit of having your tea blended by a Naturopathic Doctor is that every herb used in this blend is chosen for its specific actions on your digestive tract and detoxification systems. That’s right, dandelion leaf and dandelion root aren’t actually the same action – in fact, they produce much different results. Plus, we know how much of each herb you need for optimization, so that means the ratio of herbs in your tea is nudging your system back into balance – not forcing it out of whack the other way.

Ensuring You Succeed

Most “detox” programs on the market do one of two things.

[ONE] they fill their teas or blends with ingredients that ensure your cardio is going to involve running to the toilet; a lot. That’s not fun.
[TWO] they sell you a product and then leave you high and dry.


With my 21day Teatox you not only get access to my medically formulated blend that’s easy on the toilet trips, you get access to my private 21day teatox Facebook group, diet and nutrition advice, meal plans and even exercise plans. I want you to function at your most optimal level, so let’s get you there… together.


If you have an allergy to the asteracae family you’ll want to stay away from this blend. Unfortunately the matricaria component (chamomile) is a member of the family.

This formula is generally considered safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, however there have been no formal studies done on the safety of taraxacum officinalis during this period. If you are pregnancy or breastfeeding you should consult with a qualified medical practitioner before starting this (or any) herbal product.


How is the 21day teatox different than other’s on the market?
Our products don’t contain any of the herbs that make your cardio akin to running to the bathroom and it’s been formulated for effectiveness, taste and quality.

How do I eat and exercise while on the 21day teatox?
The 21day teatox comes with a handbook, designed to help you achieve your ideal health trajectory. Eating healthy during your teatox will help maximize your optimization – but this isn’t a diet, this is a lifestyle change, which is why we’re going to (probably) add more foods into your diet rather than take things out.

Will this affect my birth control pill (OCP)?
It shouldn’t as there are no laxative effects in the herbs we’ve used.

Are there any side effects?
There are no herbs in this mixture that act as a strong laxative, so there should be no severe cramping, sudden needs to run to the bathroom or nausea. Side effects should NOT include diarrhea, headaches, vomiting, dizziness or severe cramping, but if you experience any of the above stop using the tea and consult a qualified medical practitioner.

Where do you deliver?
Currently we only ship within Canada, but we’re hoping to be able to expand to more countries soon!


Testimonials, reviews and images found about the 21day teatox and/or from the 21day teatox are unverified results that have been forwarded to us by users of our products; may not reflect the typical user experience; may not apply to the average person; and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. You should always perform your own research and not take such results at face value. It is possible that even with perfect use of our products, you will not achieve the results described or shown. They are meant to be a showcase of the best results our products have produced, and should not be taken as the results a typical user will get.


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I believe that your health shouldn’t be holding you back from living your best life. I work with passionate people, moms and dads, athletes, go-getters, professionals, retirees and teenagers to optimize your health through individual treatments and plans. When I’m working with someone one-on-one my job is to figure out where your body is compensating, and where it’s working really well. Then, I design a plan unique to you that helps you achieve and maintain your goals. And while I love working one-on-one with people, I know there’s a lot of people looking for the right help, and not being able to find it. That’s why I designed the 21day teatox, to help you kickstart your health goals from the comfort of your own home.

My 21day Teatox program was originally designed for one of my former patients who wanted a kickstart to achieving her health goals. Based off of the results she achieved, and the lifestyle she maintained after she finished her 21days of tea, I took what we had done for her and modified it so that you could change your health trajectory the way she did.

This program is the perfect combination of good tasting and medicinal herbs that help you to jumpstart a lifestyle change that is easy to maintain. I’m all about giving you the tools to long lasting lifestyle and health changes, and ensuring that you maintain them. This program is designed to be adaptable, so it’s up to you as to how intense you want it to be. And no matter your intensity level of choice, this program is easy. It’s one cup of tea in the morning, and one cup of tea in the evening.

I know the health benefits of natural ingredients and truly believe that well-being isn’t just the absence of illness, it’s total harmony between body, mind and soul. While I was developing this blend I kept that principal at the back of my head, that the goal was always to get you living your most optimal life. I want this to contribute to a healthier lifestyle, but sustainable effects are definitely difficult to achieve solely through a drink. For that reason, with every 21day teatox you get access to my private chat group, a full teatox handbook complete with nutrition, diet, exercise, sleep and hydration knowledge and tips, and a couple very special invitations to events throughout the year. You shouldn’t have to figure it all out on your own, and this program is more than a quick fix, it’s about developing specific applications that support you effectively in living a healthy, fulfilling life.



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