we turn the busy bride into a bombshell bride,
without deprivation & fad diets

we turn the busy bride into a bombshell bride,
without deprivation & fad diets


You’ve got a ring on your finger, and now you’re probably thinking about looking your best for your wedding day.

But you don’t just want to do Weight Watchers for a few months and feel crappy the whole time, you don’t want to be a bridezilla (who came up with that name anyway?) and you definitely don’t want to feel deprived. You want to feel your best, you want your skin to be clear, you want your digestion to get on track. I hear ya.

Elite Bridal Wellness is an individually designed program focused on getting you to your optimal health so that you don’t get overwhelmed checking off “to-do’s” before you say “I Do”.


because your health should work for you, not against you

Every bride should look and feel like a bombshell bride on her special day. I work with women who are living their authentic lives, making positive impacts on the world and those around them. They are the women who everyone else looks up to and they’re focused on enhancing the lives of their friends and family. On your wedding day, it’s time to put the focus on you. Because your authentic, impactful life needs your health to work for you, not against you.

This is where Elite Bridal Wellness comes in. 

Interested in finding out more? Book a totally complimentary session with myself to hear more about our program options. Whether you’re local in Atlantic Canada or living across the country we’ll get you to your best happily ever after – and beyond!

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