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Elite Bridal Wellness

The Individuality

All our programs come with services and therapies designed to get you to your best, as effectively as possible. Your health is individual to you, and Elite Bridal Wellness ensures your unique needs are at the forefront

Stress Management

Use acupuncture to reset your nervous system and relax in a soothing location.

Injury Recovery

Use acupuncture and modern techniques to recover quicker from muscle injury and get you back on track quickly.

High Potency Nutrient Infusion

IV Nutrition designed to increase B vitamins, Vitamin C, magnesium and a few extra nutrients to build you up. Great for maintenance and keeping your body in balance.

Energy Boost Infusion

A boost in energy from extra B5 and B6, plus Vitamin C and ATP itself to get you through the week feeling ah-mazing.

Rehydration Infusion

Rehydrate with extra fluids and vitamins to increase your skin radiance from the  inside out.

Immune Infusion

Armed with the power to muster your immune system to fight off viruses and  bacteria. This drip will get you back on your feet, quickly.

Jet Lag Infusion

Reset your circadian rhythm quickly so you can enjoy your trip as soon as you land!

You’ll also receive…

39 delicious and Naturopathic Doctor-approved Bridal Brilliance recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
Downloadable shopping list
Nutritional guidance and support

Downloadable weekly health calendar

A night-time routine program, designed to make sure your body is getting the recovery time it needs
Stress management and self-care techniques that you can implement every day

Email access to me for the duration of your program to keep you motivated and on track and to solve any hiccups as SOON as they come up.

Hells YES I want IN!

I’m so excited for us to start working together! 

Please schedule your complimentary session to allow me to answer any questions you may have about the program so that I can get started designing a custom plan to make your bridal wellness dreams come true.

I only accept a select number of brides into this program so I can ensure that you are well taken care of and your needs are met, so make sure you register to avoid disappointment.

Ready to look and feel like a bombshell?
I’m ready to meet you.

In-person appointments are available Monday through Saturday at Cornerstone Naturopathic.
Appointments for busy brides with even busier schedules may be booked outside regular clinic hours via discussion with Dr. Ashley.

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