Making Room For Love In Business with Colette O’Hara

Feb 18, 2020

Dr. Ashley Margeson

Dr. Ashley Margeson


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Is there a way to bring more heart and soul to the way we work? Can a thriving business be built on love? Can the way women operate save the dying businesses of the last century?

Is there room for love?

Meet Colette O’Hara, Chief Strategy Officer for the Saltwire Network, Entrepreneur, Hustler, Slower Downer and Believer that Love Really Does Solve All.  She is an advocate for independent media, for journalism that’s filled with more than just opinions and she is a flurry of activity all through the day. Importantly, meet a woman who I have admired for a number of years as someone who was one of the “cool girls” who knew what she was doing… I just really wanted to be friends with her!

Isn’t it funny how making friends doesn’t really change from the school yard?

I have long admired Colette’s business sense, but I have also admired her commitment to what journalism and communication can look like. She is a huge believer that the future of news should be about talking with people, not at people; that there is no black and white in media and that we should all be advocating vocally for the needs of ourselves, or others and of the next generation.

She’ll be the first to admit she has NO idea what she’s doing, but that every conversation, every interaction and every moment should be met with love. And that doesn’t mean it’s all fine and dandy in Red Balloon land, love is most important when things get hard. 

You’ll find her with a huge smile on her face, always coming in the door in a mad rush of excitement – gleaming to pick the next person’s brain about a hard question. 

In short, you’re going to learn a LOT in this episode. I learned a lot in this episode. I’ve listened to this episode 6 times since we recorded it in late 2019 when I needed a little reminder. I have been LONGING to share this with you. 

And if you want to engage with Colette and the SaltWire Network team’s latest brainwave… head to your local newsstand to pick up a copy of SALT. You won’t be disappointed. 

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