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Pain Free Living


for some of us pain is emotional, for other it’s a monthly occurrence, and for other people it’s a daily occurrence.

some of us take medications to manage the pain, or maybe you know it’s due to your PMS or that food you ate last night so you push through it.

maybe the end is in sight, or maybe it’s always there.

maybe the pain is a long-standing injury from athletics or the workplace. maybe it’s the result of a car accident. maybe it just came out of nowhere.

pain affects our quality of life in more ways than we can begin to imagine, but you don’t have to go through life living in pain.

The Challenge


Figuring out what is causing (or caused) your pain and get to the bottom of it. Consider implications connected to your muscles, ligaments, tendons, central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Look at your inflammation levels, your diet and your compensatory mechanisms. Understand your body from a biochemical, physiological and mechanical level.

The Solution


Treat you, and your pain. Get to the root cause of why you’re feeling what you’re feeling. Work to change your health trajectory so you can achieve your health goals. Be honest and upfront, follow the research and know how long it should take before seeing results. Adapt the plan as your needs change. Communicate everything to you and work within your means.
Put you back in control.

I’m Dr. Ashley

I believe that your health shouldn’t be holding you back from living your best life. I work with passionate people, moms and dads, athletes, go-getters, professionals, retirees and teenagers. Whether it be losing weight, stopping your knee pain or setting your digestion back on track, I work to optimize your health through individual treatments and plans. We’ll work together to improve your energy, get you sleeping through the night and playing with your kids (or grandkids!) in a way that fits your lifestyle and unique biochemical needs. I treat people, not conditions, and I definitely believe that you shouldn’t be going through life with pain. That’s why it’s my job to get you living a pain-free life both today, and tomorrow.

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