What Is Your Say/Do Gap?

Jan 14, 2020

Dr. Ashley Margeson

Dr. Ashley Margeson


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Once in a while, you have the chance to meet someone who truly gives everything they have to everyone around them. For me, that man was Bruce Phinney. He was (and still is) an uncle in every way but by blood. 

On December 25th, 2019, we lost Bruce to a rare form of cancer. His story was told by many people at his funeral and one of those stories influenced today’s podcast. See, according to Ray Ivany, Bruce had a say/do gap that was virtually non existent. If he said he would do something, he did it… and he did more things than he ever told anyone about. 

This say/do gap is something I talk about with many of my patients. Because, when we’re talking about burnout, that say/do gap can get wider due to a variety of reasons… you lose motivation, you feel like you don’t have enough time, you’re exhausted, you feel like you can’t say no. 

In today’s episode, we dive into how to manage your say/do gap, how to come through on the promises you make to yourself and others, and how to tell if your say/do gap is a marker for burnout. 

We’re also very lucky here at The Superwoman Code to have many great sponsors. Today, I’m linking to the memorial bursary set up in Bruce’s name. If you feel so inclined, please visit to learn more about this amazing man and legacy. 


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