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I’m Dr. Ashley

I believe that your health should work for you, not against you.

I work with passionate people; mums and dads, athletes, go-getters, professionals, retirees and teenagers. Whether it be losing weight, stopping your knee pain or setting your digestion back on track, I work to optimize your health through individual treatments and plans. We’ll work together to improve your energy, get you sleeping through the night and enjoying life in a way that fits your lifestyle and biochemical needs. We’re each unique, and we deserve a health outcome that’s designed for our individual needs, not some run-of-the mill treatment that everyone gets. I treat people, not conditions. It’s my job to determine what you body needs to function optimally, so you can impact great change on the world.

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my east coast kitchen

On the East Coast of Canada, kitchens are the hub of the home, where somebody’s shelling fresh peas, someone else is finishing the pot roast and everyone’s sitting around the banged-up kitchen table with nothing but empty mussel shells piled high. It’s the home of the ceilidh, a gaelic term meaning ‘kitchen party’.

I’m taking the old favourites and updating them; bringing in different flavours, different textures, and changing up ingredients so that everyone can enjoy what’s around the dinner table, no matter your unique dietary needs.


fresh additions

It’s Taco Tuesday!

When clean proteins meet zestful spices meet vegetables built in, these handheld dinners show off their healthy side - especially then you add these mix and match toppers to the mix. I've put together some of my favourite combinations that are not only super tasty -...

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The Good Eating Bible

Need a hand figuring out how you can make healthy eating easy? My top 5 tips are listed below on how you can incorporate easy changes into your day-to-day routine. Nothing Beats Your Basic Egg Just 1 has all nine essential amino acids your muscles need to stay...

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I’m all about living pain-free. Aches and pain slow us down and make us feel like crap, and I’m not a fan of that kind of life. So I designed a pain-free grocery guide for every shopping trip to the store – just for you!


Evidence-based natural medicine in Halifax, NS

Dr. Ashley Margeson, ND is a Halifax -based Naturopathic Doctor who believes that your health should work for you, not against you. She has a private practice operating out of Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc in Upper Tantallon overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, as well as bi-weekly and monthly satellite clinics in both Yarmouth and Bridgewater Nova Scotia. She works to address the root cause of why you’re in pain, why you can’t sleep, why you just don’t feel like you know you should. She promises that she won’t give up on you and your health needs, so that you walk out her office feeling like yourself again.

Because that’s important.

Your future, your quality of life and your ability to live an optimized life.

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