Hey, I’m Dr. Ashley

I’m a doer, dreamer, creative and chief inspirator of healthy lifestyles for every person; no matter their age.

If you’ve come here searching for a quick fix, you’re in the wrong spot. I work with women, entrepreneurs, CEOs, coaches and creatives who are driven and devoted to sparking joy in this world. I thrive on working with individuals who put passion first, and who are searching for that passion. Because when you become grounded in your vision, perfectionism, procrastination and overwhelm are able to just… float away. That’s not to say it’s easy (we know that), but when your health is working for you, you’re able to create your own vision of a life and business you thrive in.

With a focus on grounded lifestyles, energy and entrepreneurship, I use a combination of evidence-based natural medicine, genetics and biochemistry to support women in getting their health to work for them, not against them; increasing clarity, easing brain fog, boosting confidence and improving energy so they can finally create a thriving life and business filled with a feeling of content.

If you’re ready to brush off the past, say goodbye to routines that are holding you back and facing the worries and fears that we all have with support behind you; my work is for you. My favourite part of working with you is when you don’t need me or my work because you’re finally in control of your destiny.

my east coast kitchen

On the East Coast of Canada, kitchens are the hub of the home, where somebody’s shelling fresh peas, someone else is finishing the pot roast and everyone’s sitting around the banged-up kitchen table with nothing but empty mussel shells piled high. It’s the home of the ceilidh, a gaelic term meaning ‘kitchen party’.

I’m taking the old favourites and updating them; bringing in different flavours, different textures, and changing up ingredients so that everyone can enjoy what’s around the dinner table, no matter your unique dietary needs.


boost your productivity, ditch your health woes


How are you spending the next 30 Days? Because I'm excited about what the possibility is! Why? Because there's nothing I love more than a good old fashioned challenge! I designed my 30 Days to Wellness Challenge to help you build...

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Coming Off the Brith Control Pill? What You Should Know.

So you’ve made a decision to come off your birth control pill (or you’re thinking about it), and you’re curious as to what to expect. The pill has been your steady partner against acne, cramps, and unexpected pregnancies for years, but it may be time to part ways and...

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Are Your PMS Symptoms Normal?

PMS. Pre-menstrual cycle. Irritability. Crying. Mood Swings. Bloating. Headaches. Losing your motivation. And sometimes just feeling "blah". It's easy to blame things on PMS, but have you ever wondered if what you're feeling is actually your hormones? Or something...

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