How To Choose A Prenatal Supplement; Sponsored by Canprev Women

Sep 29, 2020

Dr. Ashley Margeson

Dr. Ashley Margeson


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On today’s episode of The Superwoman Code, I’m talking about one of my favourite things; building the next generation of super humans. 

Or maybe… how to eliminate some of that stress that google gives you once you start looking at prenatals. 

I’m diving into the science behind absorption and B vitamins, what “baby-brain” actually means, I explain why not all folates are designed equally (and why 5-MTHFR is the most hilarious and hard thing to say five times fast), I’m chatting about what foods we might want to keep in our fridge, and why not all prenatal vitamins are worth it. 

This episode is helpful even if you’re not planning on building a super human anytime soon (or if you’re already built them!). So enjoy, Superwoman! 




This episode is also the second of our Building A Superwoman Miniseries, sponsored by CanPrev Women. If you’ve ever been to the office, you might recognize their sister company, Cytomatrix. This company is founded and run by an amazing woman, and is Canadian born and Canadian based. They also make great products, with proper dosing, and no BS. I’m thrilled they are helping The Superwoman Code bring the education to women to help you all make your health work for you, not against you. 


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