The 4 PMS Subtypes & Your Hormones

Jul 14, 2020

Dr. Ashley Margeson

Dr. Ashley Margeson


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Oh…. PMS. 

You can be a bit of a b*tch. Or non existant. Or a train coming full speed. Or anxiety, depression, swelling and pain. 

I look at PMS with a lens of 4 different subcategories. PMS-A (anxiety), PMS-C (cravings), PMS-D (depression), and PMS-H (hyperhydration). Most women, myself included, tend to fall into 2 or sometimes 3 of these categories. Some months, you can be in 1, another month PMS can be full-blown. 

The goal with understanding these subtypes is that they tell you your tendency. And once you know your tendency… you can start to manage it. 


The Subtypes:

To balance out your hormones you want to look at something like chaste tree, which will balance both estrogen and progesterone. Magnesium can be helpful for offsetting some of those tight muscles; so curl up with a book in a epsom salt bath to nurse that achiness. Plus, it will be great for easing those mood swings.

Gymnema is an amazing herb because it helps decrease sugar and carbohydrate cravings in a pinch. But for a long-term fix you actually want to support your cortisol levels, as high cortisol (hello stress and busy lives) makes us crave those sugars.

My favourite flower is also known for its ability to increase progesterone levels and balance androgens. Peonies aren’t just beautiful, they’re medically very unique for this ability. IV Nutrition Therapy will help give you a much needed energy boost and lavender can also help support your mood.

Fennel and dandelion root will help with that fluid retention, as well decreasing your consumption of added-salt foods during that time frame. Food has a lot to do with supporting your body fluids during this time so make sure you also up your consumption of magnesium-supporting foods.


To support your hormones even more; take our quiz on your PMS Subtypes here

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