Recovering from Burnout as an Entrepreneur with Stefanie MacDonald of Halifax Paper Hearts

Nov 19, 2019

Dr. Ashley Margeson

Dr. Ashley Margeson


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When it comes to designing a life that is filled with love, care and salty air; Stefanie MacDonald has truly designed a beautiful life. Her company, Halifax Paper Hearts, is a curated card company bringing a little bit of that East Coast love to the rest of the world. Born from needing to find a card for her Aunt’s wedding one year, Halifax Paper Hearts exploded onto the creative entrepreneurial scene in only a few short years. 


But her journey into living a life that is purpose filled hasn’t always been easy. Stefanie experienced her fair share of burnout in the beginning stages of her business, and it almost cost her her business, her normalcy and her health. In this episode she details what burnout felt like for her (with a little help from Dr. Ash!), how she came back from it, and the routines she keeps to a must-doevery day to help her continue to communicate via her snail mail with the rest of the world.


Listen in on this exclusive interview with Stefanie and Dr. Ash and we know you’ll walk away inspired to take on their world’s magical moments with her inspiring message.

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