Why My Morning Routine is My Superpower with Katelyn Bellefontaine of Elegant Productions

Dec 17, 2019

Dr. Ashley Margeson

Dr. Ashley Margeson


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When I first met Katelyn she had reached out to me about being a guest on her podcast (The Creative Hustle) to chat alllllllllllll about how to avoid burnout as a creative entrepreneur. I fangirled, hard, because she was this bubbly, energetic girl boss who I just really wanted to be friends with. Isn’t it funny how we don’t really grow past kindergarten when it comes to just wanting to be friends with people?  

That was 2017, and over the last 2 years our relationship has evolved from a professional working relationship to a friendship I hold close to my heart. Don’t believe me? Ask the wine bottles and IV bags that happen to make sure we both survive wedding season without crashing! 

As we were getting ready to launch The Superwoman Code, Katelyn was one of the people I reached out to about both being on the show and helping me understand how to make this thing work. 

In this episode, we dive deep into what burnout looked like for Katelyn, how she came back from it, what she does for her health, and how she manages a busy company without sacrificing herself to make it happen. For all you brides who are listening in (or brides-to-be!), she shares some of the magic of what makes Elegant Productions one of Atlantic Canada’s foremost wedding planning services, why she believes that the “best day of your life” is supposed to come AFTER the wedding and why a strong morning routine is key to her truly having it all. 

I’m also going to apologize, because I royally fudged up the sound at the beginning of this episode, but didn’t want to ask Katelyn to start over because she was on a roll! It gets fixed around the 13 minute mark. Until then – just turn up your headphones slightly and accept my apology to all of you Superwomen! 

To connect more with Katelyn, follow @elegantproductions on instagram and visit them online at www.elegantproductions.ca

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