The 10 Habits You Shouldn’t Shake If You Want To Succeed [Backed By Science]

Feb 20, 2019

Dr. Ashley Margeson

Dr. Ashley Margeson



You can’t sit around waiting for success to happen; you have to make it come to you. We’ve all heard that before, and we’ve all probably heard that building habits are key to living a successful life. But my guess is you’re probably already committing to some successful habits (and you might not even realize it!)

So before you go about changing your entire day-to-day around… give yourself a pat on the back for already being on your way to leading a kick-ass life!

1. You’re putting pen to paper

Maybe you journal every day (or at least try to!), or your write your lists down instead of typing them into your phone. That universe won’t pave the road for you, so you better believe that you need to be tracking your goals…. on paper. Keep at it!

2. You’ve got a morning routine

You don’t have to wake up at 5am to have a great morning routine; but if you’re going to be successful you need to learn how to prioritize your health alongside your successes. Having a morning routine means deciding how to best wake your body up to get ready for the day. You’re already committing to not hitting that snooze button, and starting your day with 2 big glasses of water before you reach for that coffee. Maybe you’re writing down your goals for the day, maybe you’re snuggling with your partner. Whatever it is, you’re making it into a consistent solid habit.

3. You disengage

You’ve realized that you don’t have to know what everyone else is doing all of the time. You’ve deleted unnecessary social media apps from your phone (goodbye Facebook!) and you’ve realized how much time you save. You measure your successes based on your day-to-day; not someone else’s picture-perfect-life (hint; it’s not real – but you’ve figured that out already!)

4. You seek out challenges

You know that the easiest way to achieve the success you’re focused on is to actively engage in challenging yourself. Becoming successful and reading new goals means moving forward, not waiting for “the universe” to dump the perfect job, partner, relationship or book into your life. This doesn’t mean doing more every day or working yourself into the ground. It means not staying safe and doing things that are now easy.

5. You move. Consistently.

You don’t run marathons every day, but you do commit to movement. You know that it’s not about overhauling your life but rather that it’s about small successful changes that you do consistently. You give your body what it needs, by offsetting the toiling at your desk with sweat-inducing exercise. You’ve got this!

6. You don’t blame others or get defensive.

You own your mistakes and work on not making them again. When confronted by constructive criticism you respond in a way that will empower you to reach your goals. This type of feedback highlights areas in which you need to improve, rather than simply reaffirming your strengths as an individual. You can than target your weaknesses through training and development, which makes you an even stronger individual.

7. You embrace failure

Failure is inevitable. You and I both know that. You’re going to make mistakes in life, and you’re going to fail at some things. You might even fail at forming good habits. But by embracing every failure, obstacle and mistake as a learning opportunity you constantly push yourself out of your comfort zone and you grow.

8. You budget

You’re not living with your parents anymore, so this is all on you because you know that if you’re going to successful you need to feel secure in your finances. You review your monthly spending and work to improve the allocations, while saving money for those “splurge spending moments”. You know the benefit of living within your means, and what that means for long-term success.

9. You measure your success in happiness rather than wealth

You know that the amount of money in your bank account isn’t the only factor in achieving your successes. In fact, you probably focus on having a healthy integration of funds and time in your day-to-day.

10. You prioritize your health

You aren’t willing to work yourself to the bone to accomplish your goals. In fact, you’d rather live healthily for a longer amount of time than going big (and then going home). You know what burnout feels like and looks like, and you’re not willing to let yourself get there. You health is key to your successes, and you build your healthcare team with that in mind.

The Bottom Line

The definition of success is a diverse concept, and one that remains unique to each individual. Determining what it means to you and developing long-term goals are important steps towards achieving the happiness and life you’re striving for.

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