If there’s one vegetable I always pick up at the grocery store (or get exceedingly excited when it’s in my food box) it’s the humble beet. Chock filled with nutrients, colourful beyond belief and with the ability to stain your hands like you wouldn’t believe (a little bit of lemon rubbed on the stain removes it) it also tastes SO good.

There are about a million and two ways to prepare beets, but Theresa Rollet-McWilliams over at Cornerstone Naturopathic gave me her favourite recipe and allowed me to share it with all of you!

Marinated Beet Salad

2 large or 6 to 8 small beets
1/2 white onion cut in slivers
1/2 batch of  Maple Balsamic Dressing <hyperlink – Dr. Ashley’s Salad Dressings page>

Wash beets well.   Peel and cut into matchstick strips.  Toss with onion slivers and Maple Balsamic.  Store in a glass container and let mellow for at least 20 minutes (they are even better if left for a day or so).

Makes a sturdy addition to salads.  Why not try a bed of baby romaine, sliced grilled steak, sliced mushrooms and feta or goat cheese.  Drizzle with a little more Maple Balsamic and garnish with walnut pieces.





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