5 Mood Boosters For Those Winter Blues

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So we made it through January, thank goodness, but we are not out of the woods yet, especially over here on the East Coast. As much as Shubie Sam didn’t see his shadow last week, I’m anticipating winter has yet to really arrive. But fear not! Even though winter can be touch, I’ve got 5 ways to help you keep your mood up through the winter blues.

1. Crank The Tunes

Put on some of your favourite music on the way to work or while making breakfast. Anytime really. Research shows playing music can have a significant effect on improving your mood. Go for more upbeat songs they may even bring out some of your dance moves.

2. Pay It Forward

Doing something nice for someone always makes you feel better too. This can encompass a huge range of things that don’t have to take too much time. You can call an old friend, volunteer somewhere, help out a neighbour to shovel their driveway, buy a coffee for the person behind you, bring a co-worker a special treat.

3. Declutter

Clutter can be overwhelming to your brain and a reminder of the never ending to do list. Take it one area at a time and make it as functional and easy as possible Use storage cases from the dollar store, make them an art project and add some of your own flair to them. Have fun with it and get your space cleaned up!

4. Get It Out Of Your System

Trying to feel happy all the time doesn’t make sense. We all must take the good with the bad. The key is not to let a bad mood ruin your whole day. Take the time to get it out of your system by venting to a close friend or family member, you can even say it out loud and start writing some solutions down. Once you have vented you have to work on letting it go, if no solutions can be made then come back to it at a later time

5. Move a Little!

This is one of the ultimate mood boosters. I know when it is cold out we don’t always want to get in the car and head to the gym but home workouts or online yoga can be great for those winter months. Working out literally releases endorphins and improves your mood instantly.

If you continue to feel down you may be experiencing a nutritional deficiency, inflammation in certain areas of your body (like your brain), or even in need of an extra brain-boost to offset some of what you’re experiencing. If this is you, call us at 902.820.3443 to schedule a complimentary appointment to see how we can help get your mood back on track.



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