Need a hand figuring out how you can make healthy eating easy? My top 5 tips are listed below on how you can incorporate easy changes into your day-to-day routine.

Nothing Beats Your Basic Egg
Just 1 has all nine essential amino acids your muscles need to stay healthy, plus about 4-6 grams of protein. AND, they’re not going to raise that cholesterol (read more here). Hard-boiled eggs are the the perfect convenience food, ready to snack on or add to meals and eco-wrapped by nature. Boil up a bunch, then refrigerate them in one of these sweet crates to keep a protein fix at the ready. Looking for free-range eggs? Hennigar’s Market in the Annapolis Valley has a flat of 36 for $10.49 – it’s the best price in the province!

It’s Guac O’Clock!
No one needs an excuse to dig into a bowl of guacamole, but we’re glad to have one anyway! Studies suggest creamy avocado may help lower “bad” cholesterol, so start there, then add pizzazz with awesome mix-ins. the fats in avocado are also integral for brain health, so start with a great base and then add in these awesome toppings to “spice up your life”.
– Spiced Up – lemon, chickpea + mint
– Fresh & Fruity – pomegranate seeds, red onion + mango
– Go nuts – pistachios, feta + cherry tomatoes

What Beats Green Tea?
Double green tea. I’m truly, madly, steeply in love with green tea blends, especially when it’s been enriched with matcha, a potent powdered form of green tea leaves. With the caffeine buzz, antioxidant punch, and next level tastiness, these brews pack real pick-me-up powers.

Brown Bag the Lunch
This awesome habit may fight an epidemic. Bringing your lunch to work can drive down your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Those of you who eat 11 to 14 home-cooked meals a week (about two a day) are 13% less likely to develop the disease than people who ate six or fewer a week.

Sometimes Red Means Go
Dark red produce could help keep you slim, according to research published in the BMJ last year. Diets high in antioxidants called flavonoids – especially the kinds found in cherries, grapes, strawberries and apples – were associated with less weight gain over time. Colour-code your produce drawer accordingly.




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