Hey Yarmouth!

I’m THRILLED to announce that I’m joining Dr. Ben Connolly of Cornerstone Naturopathic Inc in serving YOU and your healthcare needs right in your hometown. Dr. Ben’s been down in Yarmouth for the past couple of years, and we’ve heard you loud and clear – you need more healthcare availability. So I’m coming down too!

I believe that your health should work for you, not against you. I want you to have energy throughout the day, to wake up feeling rested in the morning, to get rid of your knee pain for good, to recover faster and think smarter. I want your mid-afternoon energy crash to stop happening, and your periods to not cause you hell every month. I want your low back to stop hurting and I want your cholesterol levels to lower down. I want you to not have a heart attack, to not be in a nursing home as you grow older, and to keep your brain as sharp as it was when you were 20.

I want you to feel like your best self, both on the inside and the outside.

I work to figure out where your body is compensating, and what simple changes we can make to completely change your health trajectory. It’s my job to ensure that your office visits become just that – a visit, and that your health doesn’t hold you back from living your best life.

Does this sound like something you can benefit from? Appointments can be booked by contacting us directly at 902.820.3443 and they’re already booking up for March 9, 10, 18 and 19 (yup – we’re coming down on the weekend!)

I can’t wait to meet you.






  1. atkinsonlynn@hotmail.com

    What does this cost!!!!!!!!

    • Mrs.M.F. Purdy

      Is this covers my MSI

      • Dr. Ashley

        Hey there!
        Naturopathic services are covered under extended health care plans but not MSI. I’m all about getting you off on the right step, and that means the right recommendations that are designed for your unique needs. Give me a call at the clinic – 902-820-3443 – I have complimentary consults so we can discuss if our working together would be a great addition to your health team!

  2. Linda Bain

    Yes! I also am wondering if this is a MSI covered service OR a privater service and if it is private, what are the rates??


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